Mersiha Ćeranić

Data Portal is an automated data analytics – reporting solution that will leverage and distribute data across the Mistral Company through interactive reports. Using Data Portal, users can create customized reports very quickly.

During the lecture, it will be presented how Mistral Company is working on following:
– Unite data sources: internal data (company stuff related data), recruitment data source, Google Forms at one place
– Analytics for everyone in Mistral Company
– Bring in Mistral Data-Driven Organization concept (final target)
– Architecture of Data Portal solution developed using Microsoft services (Azure SQL Database, Azure Data Lake Storage Gen2, Azure Data Factory, Azure Function, Azure Logic App, .NET)

Whole solution is implemented using Azure services, described in the presentation “DATA PORTAL – Mistral’s Engine for Data Integration”.

Data Portal is a scalable solution, so it is possible to add new data sources / endpoints very easily. Through the demo, it will be shown how new data source/endpoint can be added in using Azure services: Logic App and Azure Data Lake Storage Gen2.

This is a perfect opportunity for demonstration of how Mistral Company utilizes data to draw conclusions regarding Company stuff (headcount by gender, age, offices, departments, employment status, retention rate, turnover, absenteeism portal, recruitment process), and in which way it is implemented.

Track 2