Sasha (Saša) Kranjac

We are aware of the fact that most individuals and companies have embraced cloud computing nowadays and all the benefits it provides as such. The number of cloud users, especially users of Microsoft Azure and Microsoft 365 is expanding every day. However, malicious users and criminal activists quickly realized potential advantages (or, eventually, disadvantages) of cloud technologies and are often few steps ahead of us. Today’s data is in the cloud, on the go, on mobile phones, laptops, tablets – it is no longer residing solely on premises, or within company boundaries, but also in a public data centre. In order to effectively protect and combat attacks and data theft, it is necessary to fundamentally change how we think and to change the approach to the concept of computer infrastructure security we had until now. In this lecture you will learn what the “Zero Trust” strategy is, which is why it is extremely important, and most importantly, we will show the implementation of the “Zero Trust” strategy in the Microsoft cloud in practice.

Track 1